Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I've heard about Tiamat decades ago, so how come that I did not listen to their albums until now? I bet I was not aware about their profound sounds and feelings behind those sounds!

A Pocket Size Sun, from the album Wildhoney, made me think about a little bag with something white within it, so I checked out for its meaning. I was right. Actually the entire album seems to send the listener towards a psychedelic state. The opening track, that also gives the name to the album, sent me to Pink Floyd's Cirrus Minor.

I would like to dare you to listen to this album, Wildhoney, and share your thought! Well, you might take a flight in the clouds, so I'll have to wait for your to land prior to tell me your experience! Personally it took me a while (a couple of weeks to be more precise) to write these lines...

She started to sing a lullaby
Originated from ancient Senoi
In dreams realm can no one die
Sleep safe my little boy
Senoi Dream Theory is a set of claims about how people can learn to control their dreams to reduce fear and increase pleasure -- especially sexual pleasure.