Thursday, April 16, 2015

Love Song, AC - DC

Love Song, is some sort of a lost gem of the ones from AC-DC.
It starts with a fast paced rhythm, sending your mind to the AC-DC that you already know. Then the pace is dropping down to an actual love song. And the lyrics are perfect!

I can tell by the look in your eye
I can tell by the way you sigh
That you know I've been thinking of you
And you know what I want to do

Oh, Jean!

When you smile I see stars in the sky
When you smile I see sunrise
And I know you've been thinking of me
And I know how you want it to be

Oh, Jean!

I can tell by the things you say
I can tell that you know the way
And I know what you want me to do
Oh, I've got hearts and flowers for you

If you leave me you'll make me cry
When I think of you saying good bye
Oh the sky turns to a deeper blue
That's - that's how I'd feel if I lost you

Oh, Jean!